Hello my name is Kim Miller.  Front Page Kennel is home to some exceptionally well bred AKC Champion line Pomeranians for pets and/or show prospects.   I have shown dog for over 13 years.  We started out with Aussies in the beginning, showing in the conformation ring, both AKC and ASCA.   Those were exciting times, we showed some awesome dogs, many ranking top 10 in the country.  This progressed later to adding Working Border Collies, which we trained and trialed for many years, producing some of the top Border Collies in the nation, to include the Triple Crown Winner.  Our dogs have accomplished many titles and prestige wins over the years.  I semi-retired from the show ring and trial ring a few years ago and now only breed/show Pomeranian as a hobby.  We do still try to show when time permits.  Hopefully more in 2007. I strive to produce offspring out of Top Champion lines that conform to the AKC standard in a limited number.  Our breeding stock are also our pets.  Our girls spend most of their time in the house.  On nice days they play outside in the backyard.  All babies are born in my bedroom and raised underfoot in the house with my family, which includes my two daughters.  The boys are housed in a 16 x 24 kennel, with indoor areas leading to 20 foot outdoor runs.  If you are in the area please stop by we'd love to show you our beautiful Poms!  Please feel free to explore our web site.  Our Pom bloodlines include Beau James, Pearl Moon, Dupre, Great Elms, Emcee, Jan-Shar, Wee-Heart, Silver Meadow, Sun-Dot, Ruby, Creider,  Bev-Nor Puf-Pride and Queenaire.  We also raise/train/trial Working Border Collies, which can be seen on at

Thanks for stopping by and we invite all inquires. 

All inquires answered with kindness. I have to admit when I first started with the Poms I emailed breeders who would not give me the time of day. I was new to Pomeranians and some "top" breeders would not even answer my emails. I want everyone to know that they will never be treated like from me. I enjoy helping out the new breeder who is just starting out or someone who wants to try their hand at showing. We ALL started somewhere!!!!

Kim Miller, 109 W Orchard Park Rd, Dexter, NM 88230



Pray for our Troops all over the country!  God Bless you!!